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        Smarter Cities Through AI


        AI delivers powerful new ways to create more sustainable cities, maintain infrastructure, and improve public services for residents and communities. It all starts with the ability to gather data from trillions of sensors and other IoT devices and extract actionable insights through the NVIDIA Metropolis platform for Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA).

        Faster Response Time

        Process and analyze data in real time to improve operational efficiency, resource allocation, and disaster response.

        Secure Deployment and Scalability

        Deploy AI from the edge to the cloud with a range of appliances, from the NVIDIA? Jetson Nano? handling a city’s traffic cameras, to an entire fleet of NVIDIA T4 GPUs.

        Rich Partner Ecosystem

        Explore NVIDIA’s growing list of 100+ software partners, along with server manufacturers and custom appliance makers to deploy industry-specific solutions.

        Traffic Management, Infrastructure, Access Control

        Public Services

        • Disaster response
        • Anomaly detection
        • Asset protection


        • Freight tracking
        • Route optimization
        • Supply forecasting

        Traffic Management

        • Real time alerts
        • Incident detection
        • Speed estimation


        End-to-End Intelligent Video Analytics

        End-to-End Intelligent Video Analytics

        Extract valuable insights from large quantities of video and sensor data with NVIDIA Metropolis for smart cities. Build with a powerful set of software tools, including the DeepStream SDK, Transfer Learning Toolkit, pre-trained models on NGC, and NVIDIA TensorRT?. Take advantage of containers to package these applications in a cloud-native format for flexible deployment that can be easily scaled out with the NVIDIA EGX.

        Deploy AI at the edge with the NVIDIA EGX platform for real-time insights.


        Nvidia and Microsoft Deliver the Platform of the New Era of Intelligent Edge

        NVIDIA with Microsoft Announces a Technology Collaboration for the Era of Intelligent Edge

        By enabling closer integration between Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA’s EGX platform, the companies are working together to advance edge-to-cloud AI computing capabilities that benefit businesses worldwide.

        Verizon Is Building Safer and Smarter Cities

        Verizon Is Building Safer and Smarter Cities

        Verizon is helping to create safer streets, improve traffic flows, aid navigation of vehicles and pedestrians, and reduce energy costs and consumption through AI-enabled, sensor-based networks that leverage LED street lighting infrastructure. With NVIDIA Metropolis, Verizon is using actionable data to make better urban-planning decisions and quantify the results.

        Miovision is Paving the Way Toward Smarter Traffic

        Miovision is Paving the Way Toward Smarter Traffic

        Miovision’s Open City platform gets data from existing city infrastructure and the company’s own video cameras, and applies AI to create insights to optimize traffic operation.

        Searidge Technologies is Using AI to Improve Airport Operations

        Searidge Technologies is Using AI to Improve Airport Operations

        Searidge, using advanced AI, NVIDIA GPUs, and deep learning tools, enables airports to detect a greater assortment of objects and even deduce when such objects might cause unexpected delays. This solution can help airports reduce taxi and wait times, handling 15-30 percent more aircrafts per hour.

        Motionloft’s Computer Vision Tools

        Motionloft’s Computer Vision Tools Offer Insights on Retail and City Planning

        Customers of Motionloft can analyze pedestrian, vehicle and bicycle traffic to better understand dwell times. These analytics provide important insights for marketers, retailers, and urban planners.

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