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        Transforming the Public Sector

        Explore how GPUs are powering new capabilities in Aerospace, Defense, and Intelligence.


        Take a Simple, Powerful Path to AI

        Learn how AI is revolutionizing the public sector—and how easy it is to get started.

        Transforming the Public Sector

        In one of the largest technology transformations ever undertaken, the AI revolution is happening right now amongst the nation’s military, civilian, and federal agencies. AI is impacting cybersecurity, healthcare, life sciences, platform sustainment, humanitarian response, homeland security, and national defense. NVIDIA is at the forefront of this democratization of AI, building the technology that will make communities safer and more connected everywhere.

        Applying AI to the Public Sector

        GPU-accelerated systems are assisting during natural disasters; serving communities by improving safety, power efficiency, and traffic flows; and helping leaders solve the unsolvable problems within the areas of cyber defense and cyber resilience.

        These revolutionary solutions are made possible with NVIDIA technology.

        • Intelligent Systems

        • Predictive Maintenance

        • Cybersecurity

        • Autonomous Machines

        Public Sector Intelligent Systems

        Intelligent Systems

        NVIDIA’s AI platform, for both deep learning training and inference, is transforming the way computers perform perceptual tasks such as computer vision, pattern detection, speech recognition, and behavior prediction. These improvements make it possible to take labor-intensive jobs and automate them for applications like disaster response and humanitarian relief. 

        With NVIDIA DeepStream, Transfer Learning Toolkit, and CUDA-X? acceleration libraries, federal and civilian agencies are able to change the way we approach weather prediction models, evacuation route predictions, rescue mission.

        Public Sector Predictive Maintenance

        Predictive Maintenance

        Platform sustainment is one of the greatest challenges the U.S. government faces today, managing and maintaining hundreds of thousands of aging aircraft, vehicles, and ships critical to the safety of our nation and allies. Legacy approaches dominate the market, with platforms continuing to experience a high rate of downtime and prohibitive maintenance costs. 

        Predictive maintenance is a modern approach driven by predictive analytics and AI that’s been shown to increase availability and reduce costs significantly. NVIDIA EGX?, the edge AI platform for AI and high-performance data analytics, powers all aspects of predictive maintenance—from supply chain optimization, to automated visual inspections, to early failure prediction.

        Public Sector Cybersecurity


        Defending and securing computer systems requires customizable AI that operates at real-time speeds on extremely large networks. NVIDIA GPUs and the NVIDIA RAPIDS? suite of open-source software libraries are critical building blocks for creating the future of accelerated log ingestion, anomaly detection, threat hunting, and other essential information security workflows. When security teams and cybersecurity data scientists can leverage these tools and technologies, they can extend the security environment beyond traditional security information and event management (SIEM) and accelerate compute capabilities that can adapt to any network.

        Autonomouse Machines

        Autonomous Machines

        AI is being used across branches of the U.S government to deliver autonomously operated platforms in the air, on land, and at sea. GPU-powered autonomous machines and robots use AI to solve some of the world’s toughest problems, and they’ve demonstrated their potential to save both lives and costs by enabling efficient and safe operations. With the NVIDIA? Jetson? platform , it’s possible to develop and deploy AI-powered robots, drones, intelligent video analytics (IVA) applications, and other autonomous machines.

        NVIDIA AI Solutions

        Public Sector Accelerated Computing Data Center

        Accelerated Computing for the Data Center

        From scientific discoveries to artificial intelligence, modern data centers are key to solving some of the world’s most important challenges. The NVIDIA-accelerated computing platform gives these modern data centers the power to accelerate deep learning, machine learning, and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

        Limitless Cloud Compute

        Limitless Cloud Compute

        GPUs in the cloud provide innovators everywhere with access to massive computing power on demand and with ease. Every major cloud provider offers the latest NVIDIA GPUs for this purpose, along with specific provisions to satisfy the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certification.

        Innovators can pay for as little as they need and use GPUs without worrying about setup, upgrade, or management costs. With NVIDIA technology in the cloud, agencies can scale appropriately to handle demand spikes in any region of the world and collaborate at unprecedented levels while maintaining a smaller headcount.

        Real-Time AI at the Edge

        Real-Time AI at the Edge

        NVIDIA’s edge solutions are designed to gather and compute continuous streams of data at the network’s edge. AI computations are performed entirely at the point of action---from streets, buildings, parking lots, and disaster sites--delivering real-time insights and notifications.

        With today's powerful AI and the NVIDIA EGX edge computing platform, NVIDIA is helping organizations everywhere make smarter, faster decisions. 

        Do Your Life’s Work from Anywhere

        The public sector needs to be able to act quickly to address society’s most pressing challenges—today more than ever. Remote work is a crucial resource, but to be effective, public sector workers need access to powerful, flexible, accelerated computing from wherever they are. Explore how NVIDIA remote solutions help make that happen.

        Read E-book: Do Your Life’s Work from Anywhere in the Public Sector

        Watch Webinar: GPU-Accelerated Performance for the Public Sector

        View Webpage: Work Remote with NVIDIA


        NVIDIA Developer Training

        Booz Allen and NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Partnership

        Booz Allen is the first federally focused consulting firm certified to facilitate the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) curriculum for both beginner and intermediate levels. Look through our courses with specialized training.

        NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute

        Choose from over 40 courses and gain access to hands-on technical training in AI and accelerated computing, offered by the NVIDIA DLI. DLI offers self-paced and instructor-led training, powered by GPUs in the cloud.

        Check out the latest 2020 courses:

        1. Applications of AI for Predictive Maintenance
        2. Applications of AI for Anomaly Detection
        3. Deployment for Intelligent Video Analytics Using TensorRT

        NVIDIA Public Sector Partners

        NVIDIA partners with system integrators to develop custom solutions for federal agencies. You can also purchase NVIDIA technology for your agency through any one of our solution providers.

        • Solution Providers
        • System Integrators
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        Government Acquisitions
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        Learn more about the latest innovations in the public sector.