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        NVIDIA Clara Guardian

        Edge AI for Smart Hospitals


        The need for smart hospitals has never been more urgent. Smart sensors can act as “eyes and ears,” ensuring safety and operational excellence in critical ways—from temperature screening and protective gear detection to safe social distancing. NVIDIA Clara? Guardian is an application framework and a partner ecosystem that brings smart sensors and multimodal AI together to improve patient care in healthcare facilities.

        Public Safety

        Temperature Screening

        Personal Protective Equipment
        (PPE) Detection

        Social Distancing

        Patient Care

        Patient Monitoring

        Fall Prevention

        Patient Engagement

        Operational Efficiency

        Operating Room Workflow Automation

        Surgery Analytics

        Contactless Control

        Multimodal AI for Smart Hospitals

        NVIDIA Clara Guardian brings intelligent video analytics (IVA) and conversational AI capabilities to healthcare. Using Clara Guardian’s software stack, ecosystem partners can develop and deploy IVA powered by NVIDIA DeepStream and automatic speech recognition and natural language processing solutions powered by NVIDIA Jarvis.

        Combined with the NVIDIA EGX? edge AI platform, which provides for the secure management of fleets of devices, Clara Guardian enables ecosystem partners to safely and easily to deploy AI applications across hundreds of edge devices.

        NVIDIA Clara For Smart Hospitals

        Ecosystem Partners

        NVIDIA partners offer smart sensor solutions with a range of intelligent video analytics and speech recognition capabilities.

        Latest News

        NVIDIA Clara Expands, Adds Global Healthcare Partners to Take on COVID-19

        NVIDIA Clara Guardian debuts to power Smart Hospitals, new AI models are released to better detect infection, and the genomics speed record is broken in the race to understand the virus.

        NVIDIA Clara Guardian Enables Smart Hospitals through AI at the Edge

        NVIDIA announced Clara Guardian, an application framework and partner ecosystem that accelerates the development and deployment of smart sensors with multimodal AI anywhere in the hospital.

        Building Smart Hospitals Using Video Analytics and Speech

        Smart sensors can ensure public safety, improve patient care, and enhance operational efficiency. Learn how to use NVIDIA software development kits (SDKs) and application frameworks to quickly build and deploy a fleet of smart sensors in hospitals.

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