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        High-Performance Visual Computing in the Data Center


        Achieve RTX-accelerated performance on any device, anywhere, with NVIDIA RTX? Server, a highly flexible reference design that combines high-end NVIDIA? Quadro RTX? 6000 and 8000 GPUs with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software to deliver exceptional compute power. With a range of validated solutions, from virtualization to collaborative design with NVIDIA Omniverse?, RTX Server enables every professional to do their best work wherever they are—at a fraction of the cost, space, and power of CPU-based solutions.

        Accelerate Validated Workloads from Desktop to Data Center

        • Virtual Workstations
        • Rendering
        • CAE/Simulation
        • Collaborative Design
        • AR/VR
        • Scalable Visualization

        Powerful Virtual Workstations

        RTX Server for virtual workstations enables creative and design professionals to do their work from anywhere, increases productivity, improves data center utilization, and reduces IT costs and maintenance by bringing the power of the Quadro RTX platform to a virtualized environment. Provision multiple, easy-to-manage virtual workstations or a combination of virtual workstations and render nodes from a single NVIDIA RTX Server with Quadro? Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software. And virtualize data science workloads to tackle the most demanding analytics and computational projects remotely with NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS) software.

        Powerful Virtual Workstations


        Render final frames or boost local workstation performance with the power of GPU acceleration. By configuring NVIDIA RTX Server with RTX-accelerated software designers and artists can render jobs offline and produce final ray-traced images at a fraction of the time of traditional CPU-based render nodes. Even achieve fully interactive, photorealistic visualization in the application viewport by connecting to one or more RTX Servers to boost your desktop performance.

        Offline Rendering
        Image courtesy of Image Engine ?NETFLIX.

        Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)

        Engineering simulation is computationally intensive. Set up, test, and iterate on simulations faster with RTX Server and Quadro vDWS software, which deliver the massive compute power CAE analysts and engineers need to design by day and compute by night—from anywhere they choose to work. GPU-powered parallel processing accelerates 32-bit simulation codes while NVIDIA Turing? RT Cores and Tensor Cores help RTX-enabled applications compute and render more physically accurate results faster. The option to combine multiple NVIDIA GPUs with Quadro vDWS lets you run simulations faster, smoother, and more securely, processing higher-fidelity models in a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment.

        Computer-Aided Engineering
        Image courtesy of Altair

        Collaborative Design

        The journey from ideation to creation is a multi-stage process that requires close collaboration between design and development teams. With NVIDIA Omniverse, a leading-edge digital collaboration platform, designers can simplify workflows for real-time graphics. Running the Omniverse platform on RTX Server with NVIDIA vGPU software streamlines 2D and 3D product pipelines for design teams working in a wide range of industries. Built around the latest industry standards for design collaboration, it allows you to maintain live connections between industry-standard applications and NVIDIA Omniverse View.

        Collaborative Design

        AR and VR at the Edge

        Bringing GPU visualization to the edge requires expertise across cloud orchestration, virtualization, 5G network operations, and more. Accelerate time to visualization at the edge with NVIDIA RTX Server for extended reality (XR) 5G multi-access edge computing (MEC), a full-stack hardware and software solution powered by RTX Server-validated systems. This solution combines NVIDIA RTX GPUs with Quadro vDWS software and the NVIDIA CloudXR? SDK, so developers can securely run and scale XR applications to untethered devices, anywhere, across 5G networks.

        AR and VR at the Edge

        Scalable Visualization Solutions

        Drive dynamic, large-scale visualization with NVIDIA RTX Server configured for scalable visualization, which allows you to easily deploy and manage large-display environments from the data center. Whether you’re developing the next theme park attraction or creating multi-sided cave automatic virtual environments (CAVE), you can now drive the most immersive visual experiences with RTX Server.

        Scalable Visualization Solutions
        Image courtesy of IGI.

        Do Your Life’s Work from Anywhere

        As the world shifts to remote work, professionals still need access to the same high-performance technology they relied on in the office. Get the graphics and compute power you need to tackle any workload from anywhere without compromising quality or performance. From thin and light laptops to powerful virtual workstations, NVIDIA remote solutions deliver everything you need to carry on with business as usual.

        Leading-Edge Collaboration with NVIDIA Omniverse

        AEC Experience

        AEC Experience

        Architectural design teams can accelerate conceptual design workflows with seamless sharing of data between applications and collaboration across the entire design team.



        Creative and design professionals can easily share assets across a range of industry-standard applications with the ability to view those assets in a real-time, ray-traced viewport accelerated by NVIDIA RTX.

        NVIDIA Omniverse: Transforming How AEC Firms Collaborate

        Learn how NVIDIA has developed an easy-to-use universal digital collaboration platform to enhance building design workflows.

        GPU-Accelerated Software Partners

        Find out if your application is being accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs.


        Advanced HPC
        DELL EMC
        DELL Technologies
        GPL Technologies
        International Computer Concepts
        Penguin Computing
        Quanta Computer
        RAVE Computer

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